BFF! Unnecessary Duplicates with Meghan O'Connor

by Benson Theatre Contact

Friday, Dec 6, 2019 6:00pm - 9:00pm

The B Side of Benson Theatre

6058 Maple Street,


What's happening?

The idea of something (or someone) being deemed "unnecessary" is an implication of  judgement, but on what grounds?  Refuge, persecution, survival, and hierarchies can  all play into this, when a person is on the wrong side of the judgment that is taking place. This portfolio is a space to explore these themes, opening the doors for empathy, understanding, and diversity, to show that multiple variations of (what some might consider) duplication, are necessary to our survival as artists and as a nation.  This project's repeated investigations can hopefully create a deeper understanding  and  appreciation  of  the  subtle differences that coexist.

(Un)Necessary Duplicates provides a space for both artists and viewers to think  about what makes something unnecessary, and the irony of editioning fine prints, which are, in their own right, necessary duplicates. The hope is to promote diversity  and creativity, by seeing how  each individual letter is a different regurgitation and interpretation of the theme.



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