INDULGE-A Self Care Journey on Valentine's Weekend

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Saturday, Feb 13, 2021 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Soluna Yoga+Spa
2105 Park Street
Jacksonville, FL


What's happening?

Prepare yourself for an evening of indulgence as we join together in ceremonial circle offering ourselves the love we so greatly desire through decadent forms of self care including chanting, cacao ceremony, self-massage/reflexology, free movement and finally by diving deep into our personal inner journey with a crystal bowl accompanied Yoga Nidra.

In this collective journey, we invite into our physical bodies the spirit of cacao, who will guide our visions and voices as we learn a powerful chant of the Goddesses. Calling upon their names our voices become one beckoning the strengths and energies of each into our lives. Following the chanting, we’ll offer ourselves some touch therapy and then shift into a free movement portion; stretching, yoga, dance, or a personal movement practice of your own. This portion will be loosely guided.
Capping off the journey with a Crystal Bowl Yoga Nidra will be the ultimate reset for your evening, week and possibly even month. Come share some yoga. Come indulge your senses.
Cacao is purported to have been used in Mayan and other central and South American cultures since 1900BC as a health tonic as well as in ritual and ceremony. It is considered a heart opener and facilitator of dream work and visions.
In sacred ritual, sound clears and heals the energetic, emotional and physical self. The many layers of self contain our beliefs, values, intentions, behaviors and the possibility of all that we may become. Using sound as a tool for transformation, we take flight, achieving an eagle's eye perspective, dreaming our most potentized selves into reality. Practice in a softly candlelit space and be inspired by the altar built of flowers, crystals and sea shells. Explore your interior for insight and inspiration or just rest in the subtle layers of self to repair and reset the energy body.
About the Teacher:
Christy is a Maine-born and Maine-trained yoga teacher, a former yoga studio owner, a life-long student of the herbs and a lover of all things magic. Her mission is to continue diving deeper into self-awareness, to dissolve the veil of illusion that creates boundaries around the heart, and to merge completely with the pure essence of love. She hopes her teachings and personal wisdom will help usher others into a space of deeper acceptance, love, and a deep abiding respect for the connections we have to our own hearts, each others and that beating pulse of the earth from which we are all birthed. She is trained to teach Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.
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Registration in advance required. Space will be available to occupy 10 people.

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