Chakra Alignment with Crystals & Reiki

by Healing Light Coach Contact

Saturday, Sep 26, 2020 4:00pm - 6:00pm

The Wellness Wheel

5742 N Broadway St,
Kansas City


What's happening?

Chakra Healing with Crystals & Reiki - Using the sacred energy of Reiki, Crystals, Breath and meditation we will work through 7 Chakras to release fear, guilt, shame, and grief which can create imbalances in your energetic system.

Group Charka Healing & Alignment :
$45 - includes a 7 piece chakra crystal set
$30 - Bring your own crystals

The first part of the class we will go over the the 7 chakras and the properties of the crystals chosen to represent each chakra.

Then Audrey will guide you through a chakra clearing meditation and healing session that will include using the crystals, affirmations and Reiki to remove stuck energy and align your energy centers (Chakras).

This sacred ceremony will assist with holding space to provide healing and energy alignment for your energetic, emotional and physical body. The work is designed to open up and bring energy to the chakras and release unnecessary stress and blocked emotions.

Each participant will receive a set of 7 crystals, one for each energy center. You will be clearing and charging them with positive intentions and take them hope to support after the session.

The tools you learn in this session will be valuable tools to assist in your self-care for your chakras on a daily basis

RSVP so I can ensure to bring enough crystals.

For extra safety precautions we will be limiting the class size to ensure social distancing. Prepayment will guarantee your spot,.

What to Bring:
* Yoga mat/blanket &/or pillow to be comfortable during the
* Water Bottle
* Journal/Pen - If you like to take notes

Payment Options:
- Venmo: (Message me for this option)
- Eventbrite Link

Audrey Parker | The Wild Gypsy - Holistic Healing

Reiki Master | Energy Alignment Coach | Yoga Instructor | Intuitive Emotional Coaching

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My mission is to play in this human experience with beauty and magic. Holding space for others so they may enjoy this journey, shine their unique light and say yes to all that is divine. Edit

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The Wellness Wheel is in the back corner of the NorthWoods Office Park


5742 N Broadway St

Kansas City, MO 64118